Questions you may want to ask?

*  To magnify paintings, go to the link.

*  How much do your paintings cost?

*  Does art come with frames?

*  Can I see a painting I am interested in, in  more detail?

*  Talk to to me about shipping?

*  Can you commission a work to suit my       space?

*  It is one thing to like a painting but will it go "ping!" in my space. The very     same painting can look amazing or         totally ordinary depending on where it       is hanging. Can we try before we buy?

*  What is your philosophy behind your   work?

*  Why on earth do you have an image of old shoes with paint splattered all over them on your website?

           Contact me. We can talk.  

Current places to view Artworks:

Private Studio. Contact me for a showing

© 2017  Jamie Saxe.

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