Abstraction, Intuition and Nature

Jamie Saxe’s art practice delves into the very human desire to step away from the controlled and regimented life of 21st Century Western existence.


Initially inspired by the Action Paintings of Jackson Pollock, Saxe creates abstract works that rather than just ‘document action’ become an immersive vista for contemplation and transcendence. A visual vehicle for traveling away from the everyday towards the universal.


The rhythms, colours and transformative qualities of the natural world are an important aspect of Saxe’s aesthetic and feed naturally into the idea of creating a space for personal reflection and inspiration. The re-occurring patterns and forms of nature as seen in the leaves of a tree, drops of rain and even the constellations above are emulated in the works. This method produces paintings devoid of a single focal point and full of gentle movement where the eyes can wander and the senses can relax.


To achieve the balance between formal intention, spontaneous motion and pictorial harmony Saxe employs a variety of techniques associated with Abstract Expressionism. These include squirting paint from bottles and syringes, using leaf blowers and importantly engaging directly with nature by painting in the rain and the wind. Each painting starts with the chance interaction between gesture and surface and grows intuitively until the composition reaches a stage that reflects Saxe’s artistic goals.


The finished works, whether hung in a private setting or in the busy world of commerce and industry quietly draw the viewer away from their surroundings and into a slower and more thoughtful state of mind. There is a timeless quality about Saxe’s paintings that can allow reconnection with not just the natural world but the inner self that we rarely have time to acknowledge.

   About the Artist

Jamie is a music composer and artist based in Belgrave Australia. While his main focus has been largely centred around composing music,  he has  returned to painting in the last nine years.

He composes music for film and television and explores a broad range of music for a variety of clients.  His painting has become a direct complement to his music allowing him to explore this interest in balancing indeterminacy and meaning within art.  Some of this philosophy harks back to the musical philosophy of John Cage and the ambient music of Brian Eno who both, in their own ways, explored creating form through chance and balancing chaos with intention.

A lot of his music creates metamorphic aural landscapes that draw the listener into a space of contemplation and movement and the intention is to further this idea with painting and photography.


Studied Art, Music, Literature and Film at Monash University and Latrobe University.


Dandenong Ranges Open Studios 2019.

Warburton Arts Centre "Abstraction, Intuition and Nature" solo exhibition. June-July 2019.

© 2017  Jamie Saxe.

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